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GaoQiang Group: Chen zhao min

Twenty-seven years of hardships

 In the magnificent development process across the century, the burning passion, hard work and creative wisdom of GaoQiang people are condensed. The development of the Southern Expedition and the Northern Warfare, the GaoQiang Ceramic Insulator Group has developed into a domestic influential research and development and production base of electric porcelain, and has become one of the national high-tech enterprises.
 We are persistent and we pursue. GaoQiang Ceramic Insulator Group will start a new journey with tireless innovation. Facing the glory of the sun, on the road of travel, we have reached the forefront with the corporate spirit of "pursuit of perfection, never stop", adhere to the core values of the company of "integrity, innovation, responsibility, value", and create harmony and internal relationships A strictly controlled corporate environment provides inexhaustible positive energy for the company's long-term development.
 The times are advancing, the market is changing, and enterprises are developing. Grasping the development trend and keeping pace with the times, we implement the enterprise development philosophy of “mainly one industry, diversified operations, and strong enterprises with science and technology”. Sustainable development.
 We are always grateful. It is precisely because of the support and care of friends from all walks of life that we have today's achievements and self-confidence, so that we can move forward more and more firmly, and more powerfully. Here, I sincerely thank all the employees of the company, and express my sincere gratitude to the old and new friends from all walks of life who have given enthusiastic support and friendly cooperation to the GaoQiang Ceramic Insulator Group! I sincerely look forward to friends from all walks of life giving GaoQiang Ceramic Insulator Group the same care and support as before.
 We are eager to cooperate and win-win, create the corporate vision of the most competitive electric porcelain supplier, and work together with partners for common development. Please believe that GaoQiang Ceramic Insulator Group is not only the preferred partner of your friends, but also your most trusted friend forever!
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